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Korf Hydraulics™
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Korf Hydraulics is a user friendly program for calculating flow rates and pressures in pipes and piping networks.

It is extremely flexible in what you can specify, with the program solving the unknown flows, pressures and sizes.

Korf Hydraulics is equally well suited for applications ranging from a single pipe to complex networks where the flow rate in all or part of the network is unknown.

Korf Hydraulics is used by many engineering companies, including:

  • Alinasco
  • Ambitech Engineering
  • Amec
  • Atacama
  • Bectel
  • Berkeley Engineering
  • Boeing
  • BP
  • Caltex
  • Cenovus
  • Colt Engineering
  • Core Engineering
  • Daewoo E&C
  • DCL Group
  • Dragon Oil
  • Effective Project
  • Enersul
  • Equinox Engineering
  • Foster Wheeler
  • GO Process Consulting
  • GS Engineering
  • HC Piper Manufacturing
  • HOCS Projects
  • Husky Energy
  • IQA Solutions
  • Jacobs Engineering
  • Kensington Consulting
  • KP Engineering
  • Kinetics Process Improvements
  • Karachaganak Petroleum Operating
  • Laucotech
  • Lauren Engineers
  • Linde
  • Maersk Oil
  • Montube Industries
  • NuStar
  • ODE
  • Onyx
  • Opus
  • Pakistan Petroleum
  • Petrofac
  • Process Consulting Services
  • Plant Services
  • Propak Systems
  • QER
  • Quotient Engineering
  • Rally
  • Reliance Industries
  • Sherritt International
  • SNC Lavalin
  • Solaris Management Consultants
  • Stantec Consulting
  • Stepan Company
  • Tata Consulting Engineers
  • Tesoro
  • Tecnomare
  • Terasen
  • Three Streams Engineering
  • TotalEnerflex
  • Toyo Engineering
  • Total Enerflex
  • Triad
  • Troya Oil & Gas Engineering
  • Unitel Technologies
  • WildCat
  • Williams Olefins
  • WorleyParsons

Version 3.5 is now available and supports the following key features:

  • Modern graphical interface with extensive reporting facilities and Win 10 support.
  • Liquid, isothermal compressible, adiabatic compressible (with flash) and several 2-phase pressure drop methods.
  • Omega Homogeneous Equilibium and Non-Equilibrium Model for pipes, orifices, nozzles and control valves.
  • Multiple pipe databases, including non-cylindrical pipes.
  • Flexible pipe sizing routines, and ability to ignore non-standard sizes.
  • Fittings can be represented by the Le/D, Crane K or Hooper 2-K method.
  • Heat loss from pipes can be estimated.
  • Support for pump shut off (dead head) pressure calculation.
  • Advanced equipment sizing and rating facilities (flow meters, control valves, etc).
  • Pipe fluid properties can be based on that of another pipe (reference pipe).
  • Built-in 2 and 3 phase flash calculations.
  • Support to use Hysys for flash calculations and to import data from Hysys and Aspen.
  • Support for binary interaction coefficients and pseudo components.
  • Support for multiple cases (normal, rated, etc).
  • Quick calculation tools for pipes, orifices and control valves.

Process Design Practices™

Process Design Practices is an intensive 5 day training course for chemical engineers that bridges the gap between university education and practical process design and troubleshooting.

This course emphasizes practical troubleshooting techniques, calculation methods actually used by engineering companies and includes high quality handouts.

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