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Note. Description are taken from respective web sites and Korf makes no guarantee as to the accuracy or truthfulness of the descriptions. 

AFT Fathom Steady-state incompressible fluid flow for piping networks. 
AFT Arrow Steady-state compressible fluid flow for piping networks. 
AFT Impulse Transient waterhammer and surge analysis for piping networks.

This program was made to perform biphase flow pressure drop calculation, liquid hold up and flow type. The pressure drop calculation uses the following correlation:  VDI - Horizontal and Vertical case, Duckler - No Slip and Constant Slip case, Beggs and Brill, Lockhart Martinelli. For liquid hold up the calculations were made using: Lockhart Martinelli correlation, Hughmark, Eaton, Beggs and Brill. Korf note - To compare Dukler results to Korf, set pipe roughness to 0 in Korf.

CADRE Flow is developed using the basic principles of finite element method as applied to the hydraulics flow field. It is intended for solving incompressible fluid flow in piping systems, hydraulic systems, and fluid flow networks. The elements are considered as pipes and the nodes are connecting points for the pipes or intermediate points in pipes where information such as pressure is desired.

CAEFLOW-Steady State (SST Systems, Inc.) is the first of three modules for the analysis of single phase incompressible fluid flow in 3-dimensional piping systems with interfaces to 3D design packages (PDMS, PDS) and CAEPIPE, our piping stress analysis package.  An incompressible fluid in CAEFLOW can be any gas or a liquid whose density may vary as a function of pressure or temperature but not velocity.  Fluid flow under Mach 0.2 is treated as incompressible (CAEFLOW is not a CFD program). 

DesigNet (ABZ and Design Flow Solutions)- Complete hydraulic analysis of complex piping systems including up to 9000 branches and 1000 tees. Network branches can consist of any combination of pipe, fittings, and valves, with virtually no limit on the number or type of components.

The Crane Companion is not sold anymore. Design Flow Solutions is an improved program that performs the same flow calculations that were performed by the Crane Companion. 

Various free and commercial programs, including steam tables.

EPANET models the hydraulic and water quality behavior of water distribution piping systems. Developed by the Water Supply and Water Resources Division of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's National Risk Management Research Laboratory. It is public domain software that may be freely copied and distributed. 

Flaresign (Chemcept). Simulation of single or two-phase non-ideal flow through pipe networks. High speed near sonic flow is allowed, with discharge through a flare tip or similar device. The program can be used in simulation or design modes.

Piping Systems Fluid Flow is a simulation software programme for  hydraulic design, network analysis and trouble-shooting of new and existing piping systems for compressible and incompressible fluids.

FLOWMASTER2 is a single integrated system capable of solving steady state, transient, compressible (gas) flow, fluid power and heat transfer problems.

A windows-based CAE software for hydraulics and flow distribution in a piping loop or network. Solves pipe or conduit system hydraulics and flow distribution. FlowNet handles incompressible Newtonian single phase or vapor-liquid two-phase flows. Compressible flow problems can be easily modeled with FlowNet within practical accuracy

Various online applications for engineering design. 

Gets is an Engineering Tools Program. It will help you to solve wide range of common engineering calculations quickly and efficiently. More than 20 models and data tables are organized into a single easy-to-use package. Online tools are also available. 

Gulf Publishing
Various Hydraulic Programs. 4P, Chemcalc 4, Chemcalc 12, GENNET-L, GENNET-M, GENNET-G, NATASHA, PAULA, PipeCalc 1 Vers. 4.0, SIMPL, TODAL PLUS. 

GWIS Fluid Dynamics
Flow Simulation Software.

Sinda / Fluint and SinapsPlus
SINDA/FLUINT is a comprehensive finite-difference, lumped parameter (circuit or network analogy) tool for analyzing complex thermal/fluid systems. 

Helix delta-Q
Helix delta-Q is a powerful tool to quickly and easily design and optimise pipe networks for compressible and incompressible fluids. You can calculate friction losses and pressure drop in pipes and fittings for Liquids, Slurries and Gasses. Model complex process flow pipe networks and solve for unknown flow rates and node pressures at the press of a button.

HydroFlo, HydroNet and PumpBase
HYDROFLO's drag-and-drop interface allows design engineers to easily model piping systems that contain pipes, pumps, fittings, valves, gauges and other more complex elements. The steady-state flows and pressures in single source/single discharge systems are quickly and accurately determined. PumpBase offers pump selection. Enter a system's TDH and desired flow and all the pumps that meet your requirements are listed in order of efficiency. HCALC is a pop-up hydraulic calculator that can solve for head loss, flow, diameter, velocities, etc. and offers unit conversions. Free trial versions are available.

Hytran is a Windows software package for analyzing HYdraulic TRANsients or water hammer in pipelines. Intuitive Windows graphics enable a pipeline to be drawn, input data, edited and ready for analysis in minutes.

KYPipe has been developing pipe network analysis software for over 35 years. A sophisticated analysis algorithms is used to analyze Steady State, Surge, Gas and Steam systems. Includes a description and imlementation of the Pressure Wave Analysis for Transient Flow.

MacroFlow is a computational design tool with a powerful graphical user interface for analyzing complex thermo-fluid systems. It uses the technique of Flow Network Modeling (FNM) to provide significant productivity gains in the design of complex flow/thermal systems.

NorCraft Software
We make easy-to-use engineering software for the oil & gas industry. Our software is designed for practical field applications, and has been tested and proven both onshore and offshore. We take pride in providing you fast, easy and clutter-free programs you can use right away.

OLGA is the market-leading simulator for engineering the flow of oil, water and gas in wells, pipelines and receiving facilities.

Pdrop (FlowPhase) is a handy tool for quick pipeline sizing purposes. For gas pipelines you can now compare, at the touch of a button, the results of Weymouth, Panhandle A, Panhandle B, IGT AGA, Darcy (also used for liquid line sizing). For mixed liquid and vapor flowlines, you can compare the results of Lockhart-Martinelli (recommended for plant piping), Beggs & Brill (recommended for pipelines of known slope).

PipeDrop (G&P Engineering Software) is an advanced hydraulic pressure drop calculator for liquids, gases, and 2-phase flow.  There are 3 modules for calculating fluid flow hydraulics in pipes and ducts for single lines, a pump network, and orifice plates.

PIPE-FLO. Provides the big picture of the piping system by calculating the balanced pressures and flow rates in each pipeline. Available for Paper Stock and Compressible fluid.
PUMP-FLO. Selects, evaluates, and analyzes centrifugal pumps using manufacturers' supplied pump catalogs on disk.
CON-FLO. Selects, evaluates, and analyzes control valves.
ORI-FLO. Sizes and analyzes flat plate orifices, nozzles, and venturi tubes for fluid metering applications.

Pipe Flow
Pipe Flow 3D is a professional tool that calculates flow and pressure losses in pipe work systems. 

PlantFLOW from Rebis is a software program used to design and analyze gas or liquid piping networks, including systems with loops and branches.

PipeNet (Sunrise Systems) is a powerful software tool for the engineer who needs to carry out fluid flow analysis on a network of pipes and ducts quickly and reliably. 

Pipe Network
Pipe Network (Hardy Cross method, from CU Services). This program uses the iterative Hardy-Cross algorithm to determine the flow and pressure loss in each leg of a series-parallel pipe network.

Pipe Network Calculator
Pipe Network Calculator (LMNO Engineering). Compute pressure and hydraulic head at each node and flow in each pipe. Enter node flows, elevations, pressure. Select Darcy Weisbach (Moody diagram) or Hazen Williams friction losses.   Include minor losses by equivalent length of pipe. 

PipePhase (SimSci) is a steady state, multiphase, fluid flow simulator that rigorously models oil and gas gathering and transportation systems. PipePhase features include: fluid thermodynamics, network solution capabilities, an inflow performance relationship library, extensive subsurface networks, and reservoir decline simulations.

PipelineStudio delivers rapid and accurate offline design, planning and hydraulic analysis for natural gas and liquid pipelines through advanced state-of-the-art simulation techniques.

PIPE-PRO computer software is used for fluid flow analysis in piping systems design and pump sizing. Five easy to use programs are furnished in one package for: Liquids, Gases, Steam, Network and 2-Phase flow. Analyze the flow for essentially any fluid. The programs have on-screen tables for the properties for nearly all common liquids and gases.

Process Associates Tools
Numerous online process tools, including single and 2-phase flow calculations.

Pump Net
Pump.Net is a pump engineer's toolbox of information. When this site is complete it will be a huge database detailing all aspects of pump engineering, from water friction to pipe and fitting dimensions. It is provided as a free service to the industry and as a means of sharing information and findings between the many professionals in the pump fields.

SiNet 5 (Engineer's Aide Software) - Award winning, widely used pipeline simulation, equipment sizing, network analysis, and equipment cost estimation engineering toolbox with AIChE DIPPR® data.
ChemPro - Analysis of multi-stream, multi-compositional pipeline network systems including flare headers and long distance pipelines  with all the features of SiNET 5.

Stoner Pipeline Simulator (SPS)
Pipeline Simulator (SPS) is the worldwide leader in the commitment to transient flow simulation of natural gas and liquid transmission systems. 

StreamLines version 1.20 (ATKINSOPHT), is a PC program modeling the steady-state flow of homogeneous Newtonian fluids in pipes, ducts, loops, trees, and networks. Run in MS-DOS mode under WINDOWS-95/98, WINDOWS-XP/XT. 

Tri*Header (PipingSolutions), previously Tri*Flare, designs and rates converging tree piping networks, including flare headers and gathering systems. It utilizes a built-in component database to perform rigorous VLE, heat transfer, and two-phase compressible flow calculations to accurately predict fluid behavior in the network. 

Technical Toolboxes
Various programs for upstream and pipeline services. 

Links - Simulators

Aspen HYSYS - Process modeling tool for steady state simulation, design, performance monitoring, optimization and business planning for oil & gas production, gas processing and petroleum refining industries.
Aspen Plus - Process modeling tool for steady state simulation, design, performance monitoring, optimization and business planning for chemicals, specialty chemicals, petrochemicals and metallurgy industries.
Aspen FLARENET - Enables the engineer to perform steady-state design, rating or debottlenecking of single or multiple flare and vent systems. The program can calculate minimum sizes for new flare systems or evaluate alternatives to remove bottlenecks in existing relief networks.
Aspen PIPE - Calculating pressure losses and mass flowrates in unbranched process pipelines with single-phase and two-phase flows.

CADSIM Plus is an easy-to-use, complete, process simulation platform, which allows the user to quickly create a process flowsheet drawing -- and a process simulation model.

CC-STEADY STATE Chemical Process Simulation Software (Chemstations) - Includes database of chemical components, thermodynamic methods, and unit operations to allow steady state simulation of continuous chemical processes from lab scale to full scale.
CC-SAFETY NET Piping & safety relief network simulation software (Chemstations) - This program allows rigorous analysis of any piping network. We combine the latest in two-phase relief device calculation, rigorous pressure drop calculation, rigorous physical property calculation and rigorous phase equilibrium calculation to give you fast, accurate answers. 

ChemSep is a software system for simulation of distillation, absorption, and extraction operations. ChemSep integrates flash calculations, the classic equilibrium stage column model and a nonequilibrium or rate-based column model in one easy to use program. 

COCO Simulator
COCO (CAPE-OPEN to CAPE-OPEN) is a free-of-charge CAPE-OPEN compliant steady-state simulation environment. 

DWSIM is an open source Chemical Process Simulator for Windows, with a rich Graphical User Interface (GUI). 

Engineering Equation Solver (EES) is a revolutionary program that can solve large sets of non-linear algebraic and differential equations. EES also provides publication-quality plots, regression, optimization, unit conversion and has built-in functions for thermodynamic and transport properties. 

OPEN CHEMASIM (link did not work when tested)
CHEMASIM (CHEMie Anlagen SIMulation) is the heart of OPEN CHEMASIM. It is a simulator suited for large chemical plants performing mass and energy balances as well as thermodynamic equilibrium calculations. CHEMASIM was developed by BASF, who provided it to the academic community in 2005 and is now operated by the University of Stuttgart, Germany. 

PD-PLUS Chemical Process Simulator
PD-PLUS (Deerhaven Technical Software) is a very fast, large-capacity, exceedingly robust program for simulating chemical processes, including refinery systems and non-ideal chemicals. It handles multiple-operation flowsheets with recycle streams. An interactive mode provides complete user control of the simulation and rapid evaluation of different process conditions. 

Prode Properties
Introduced in 1996 Prode Properties was the first C++ thermodynamic framework designed to provide advanced features as those available in process simulators within Windows applications as Microsoft Excel or Visual Basic. Whether you need to print or access steam tables, properties of pure fluids and mixtures, solve two phase, three phase or multiphase separations, mixers , separators , flash operations, calculate heating / cooling curves etc. Prode Properties does all this for you easily, instantly, rigorously and from your favourite Microsoft Windows software.

ProMax, with TSWEET and ProSim (Bryan Research & Engineering, Inc.),  is a powerful and versatile simulation program for design and optimization of gas processing, refining, and chemical facilities. 

ProSimPlus - Is a process engineering software that performs rigorous mass and energy balance calculations for a wide range of industrial steady-state processes. It is used in design as well as in operation of existing plants for process optimization, units troubleshooting or debottlenecking, plants revamping or performing front-end engineering analysis.
ProPhy - Applicable to pure components and mixtures, ProPhy Plus allows to quickly access fluid phase equilibria and thermodynamic properties of all your fluids.

PRO/II - Process simulation program performs rigorous mass and energy balances for a wide range of processes. 
PIPEPHASE - Rigorously models steady-state multiphase flow in oil and gas networks and pipeline systems.
VISUAL FLARE - Provides engineers with a state-of-the-art tool for designing, documenting, and modeling safety systems, pressure relief networks, and general plant fluid-flow systems.

Virtual Materials Group
VMGSim and VMGThermo provides proven, validated and robust thermo-physical property prediction packages for the hydrocarbon, chemicals and petrochemical industry to our clients. Our thermodynamic models are backed by extensive experimental data and support provided by our technical support team.

VMG used to host Sim42, an open source chemical process simulator that is now longer developed.

Web FlowBat (link did not work when tested)
Online simulator from Helsinki University of Technology.

Winsim Design II
Rigorous Process Simulation for Chemical and Hydrocarbon Processes including Refining, Refrigeration, Petrochemical, Gas Processing, Gas Treating, Pipelines, Fuel Cells, Ammonia, Methanol and Hydrogen Facilities. Also contains free source code for 1967 Steam Tables.

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